Make it happen

Changing our behavior long term is a self-engineering challenge that most of us find difficult to implement. No matter the area – diet, exercise, sleep or mindset, to name but few examples – getting out of our habitual practices is something we humans struggle with, even when we are fully aware that those habitual practices may be damaging our well-being.

Why is behaviour change so tricky for us? Partly it is our mindset –‘all or nothing’ thinking, for example, or a negative predisposition (‘it will not help anyway’). Sometimes we try to change too much too quickly, or neglect to use or find the tools that can make change easier. We can easily underestimate the effort and commitment involved, and when we fail, we are oh-so-quick to self-judge and self-criticize for yet another ‘failure’; at least, that is how we see it.

Yet your life today is the sum of your habits, and with a bit of initial motivation, you can create new habits that contribute to the quality of your life on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and more. Here are some tried and tested tips for creating new habits and making them stick.

There is no fail-proof formula for behaviour change any more than there is a perfect recipe for a popular dish.  Many factors, internal and external, intervene to make the adoption of new habits easier or more challenging. Nevertheless, some factors can make the change more likely to succeed in becoming a permanent lifestyle choice. Whether you wish to improve your focus, create more meaningful connections or renew your personal resources, the strategies above are likely to help you advance one notch further.

Good luck in taking good care of yourself – and others. You – and they – deserve it.