Do what you like

How much of your work or job offers you joy or fun? If this sounds like a contradiction in terms – ‘since when is work supposed to be enjoyable?!’ – think again. Joy and pleasure in one’s role promote health, motivation and productivity. Stress is reduced and job satisfaction increases. Fun also promotes a better culture of learning – you naturally want to become more proficient at what you enjoy doing; and it promotes better connections between teammates, through enhanced mood and a sense of work being an enjoyable part of the day to look forward to.

People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic and motivated, to learn faster, and to make fewer mistakes and better business decisions.

Success and achievement are easily attainable, and it becomes relatively effortless to get into a ‘state of flow’ in your work. When you enjoy what you do, everything – from planning to execution – feels much simpler and is often more creative, too. Conversely, if you struggle with your job and have little sense of fun or joy in what you do, you could exhaust your energy and hit burnout quicker than you think.

Not everyone is going to get a well-paid job where they can enjoy every aspect and feel like they are having the time of their life. But we can all proactively seek to increase those parts of our job that make us feel like we really, truly love what we do. Here are a few pointers to think about:

  • Make an honest, quick mindset check. Where do you stand on the scale below as regards your beliefs around work?
  • How weary or enthusiastic do you feel overall about your work?
  • Can you identify something (or things) you love doing in your work, and do a bit more of it every day?
  • How often do you take a break to do something you enjoy and appreciate however small it may be?
  • If you really, truly dislike your work and do not enjoy your daily tasks, how actively do you think of what would bring you more joy? And how actively do you set about finding it (or inviting it into your life)?
  • How much time do you dedicate to doing enjoyable things outside of work?