Do what you are best at

A job is a collection of tasks assigned to an individual in an organization. Every job includes tasks that are less attractive or enjoyable to fulfil; that is a given, even in the most rewarding of jobs. Within a formally prescribed role, however, you may feel motivated to customize your tasks in a way that recognises your current talents and addresses your need for future development.

Crafting your job to incorporate your talents can include

  • Taking on more or fewer tasks – for example; choosing to focus on those tasks that you know you can perform faster and more effectively, swapping tasks with colleagues, to allow them and you to use your talents in the best possible way, or taking on additional tasks that reflect your passion
  • Changing the way you perform tasks – for example, finding or developing a new or better way to do your work, using your unique abilities, knowledge and creativity
  • Dedicating different amounts of time to what you currently do, for example spending more time on tasks that are less stressful and more enjoyable, or dedicating your best-focus moments of the day to the tasks you are less motivated to do, so that you can finish them faster and more effectively, or reflecting on new skills you’d like to acquire and choosing or accepting tasks that will enable you to do that.

Facilitating more alignment between the demands of your job and your own capabilities is likely to promote greater engagement and joy at work. If you are not already doing that, could any of the suggestions above be an idea for you to try?