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Working from home (full-time) presents its own challenges: social isolation, cognitive overload and increased insecurity, to name a few. To enhance our wellbeing in these challening times we have created WQ Connect. This high impact program provides oppertunities for meaningfull interactions and practical tools to improve the way we focus, connect and renew, while working from home. To learn more about WQ Connect, click here or download the information leaflet through the link below.

“It is an eyeopener for me to realise that focus is not only about serenity around you, but also about physical excitement. So now and then a walk or run outside helps to improve to focus and stay efficient.”

Badre Bourahma, ING WB, Business Management

“WQ Connect sessions are energizing and making you aware how to be most focused and connected in these unprecedented times of WfH. The sessions are very interactive and don’t feel like a three hour meeting. Truly inspiring!”

René Goense, ING WB, TS Sales

“The WQ program is a fun way to learn and remind you how to stay focused at work.”

Vivianne Hengsdijk, Client Services NL

To start your journey towards enhanced wellbeing sign up with your team today by sending an email to: We will contact you within 48 hours and then your journey begins.