Connect with your eyes

Connect with your eyes as much as possible, because tech companies have not resolved as yet the conflict between us looking directly at the camera (which makes us look actively engaged) vs. looking into someone’s eyes (which may mean our gaze is directed anywhere that person might be on the screen).

Thus, direct eye contact remains a challenge, but you can raise your laptop so the camera is more likely to capture you at eye level. Draw a face on a sticker and place it next to the camera: thanks to our inclination to look at a face, you’ll be more likely to look at the sticker next to the camera and the near-direct gaze will give the impression of eye contact.

Lastly – if possible, hide your self-view; it gets in the way. You’re more likely to look at yourself (usually critically) in the screen than at others, and this will distract from the quality of your connection.